Two For Two For Two For Two – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…Leo smiles broadly and nods his head in rhythmic fashion while pointing a finger towards David. “You almost had me,” he says with jovial jest.

David smiles nervously. “W-W-What gave me away?”

“That FUCKING smile,” he spits as he thrusts his hand into the air. “That FUCKING smarmy arsed smile ain’t the smile of some psycho serial killer, it’s the smile of a prankster looking for some new fool to take advantage of. Well give yourself a round of applause because you almost had me.” Leo says as he pulls a revolver from a holster beneath his jacket, winks playfully at David, before he squeezes the trigger back and removes half his head.

Time slows as David’s head explodes from the impact, sending pieces of skull, flesh and brain flying in all directions while a volcan of red erupts into the sky.

“CAN YOU PLEASE STOP KILLING THEM!” David bellows as he charges into the room and snatches the gun from Leo’s hands. “DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKE, TO GET THEM TO THIS STAGE?”

Leo squeezes his lips together and grips his jaw between his thumb and forefinger while closing one eye and staring off into the distance with the other. “About three weeks?” he says with a cocky smile and a wink.

“YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE!” he screams.

“And your dead!” Leo says as he produces a second pistol from another holster in his jacket, raises it quickly to David’s head and pulls the trigger….

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