A Penance For The Revolution – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“Pale in comparison, that is what I said,” Snake hisses through clench jaw.

“Really?” Clive scoffs. “You think you are something I should fear?”

“I think you should count all the bodies that stand against you for what they are, red flags, revolutions, and penance. We are the many, and we are the ONE!” he spits.

“YOU ARE NOTHING!” Clive bellows as he swings the blade of his sword through the air, removing Snake’s head from his body, then with bared teeth turns to the others that kneel before him, their hands hogtied behind them.

“Who wants to be the next to feel my WRATH!” he seethes with fiery spit flying from his lips. “Who, who kneels before me, wishes to challenge my RULE!”

“All, and none,” Snake wheezes behind him, as his decapitated corpse uneasily gets to his feet, while his head slowly regrows from the severed stump.

“W-W-W-What m-manner of s-sorcery is t-this?” he stammers, as he takes a staggered step backwards.

“This is not s-sorcery, t-this is your penance paid in spades!”…

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