Save One – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The ship arches forward as it’s sails are filled with a fierce gust of wind, propelling her forward at speeds once thought impossible. Davy looks over to Shaun with a broad smile across his sun-dried lips, “I TOLD YOU! I KNEW! HOPE IS OURS! THE WIND HAS FINALLY COME TO SAVE US AS SHE PROMISED!” he roars with words drenched in a joy not heard from in many days. “Life may still be ours to steal back!”

Shaun smiles halfheartedly, before looking over his shoulder and into the darkness that slowly swallows the world behind them. “Where can we run to that it cannot swallow? This ship will run out of sea eventually, and then what?”

“WE RUN!” Davy bellows with jovial laughter.

“We can’t run forever, can we?”

The red runs dry from Davy’s cheeks, and he looks out across the open sea before them while he gently chews on the strips of flesh that hang from his lips, before he looks over the Shaun with a grim scowl painted across his deep brow. “For sixty-three years I lived a life scared of the day death came for me instead of living the life I SHOULD’VE lived, and now that death has cast its stone in my bucket, all I want is what it stole! So my answer is yes, YES WE FUCKING CAN!” he sneers while giving Shaun a playful wink….

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