A Sea Within A Bottle – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“I never wanted you to be just another one of my victims, but yet here we are, wallowing in a sea of red,” Javier says through trembling lips as he cradles Monica’s pale corpse in his hand, while tears cascade down his face. He gently brushes the dirty hair from her face and strokes her cheek with the back of his bruised and blood-stained hand. He lets out a stuttered sigh as he looks up into the night sky above them, then closes his eyes and takes a deep breath in before launching himself downward, biting into Monica’s flesh with a jagged row of razor-sharp teeth. For some minutes they remain locked in their embrace, as Javier sucks the life rich blood from her dried, and decaying form.

“Is this how you show love?” Monica hisses.

Javier’s eyes shoot open and he thrusts himself away, letting out a low growl, bearing his teeth like a wild animal as she gets to her feet like a awkwardly animated cartoon character.

Her head twists around, and a wild, broad grin tears itself across her lips. “What’s wrong lover, devil got your tongue?”


“Drained me you did, but not to the last drop, for a sea runs within me, a sea you could never drain alone!” she snarls proudly.

“Then it is fate that I didn’t,” he sings, as a handful of figures scurry from the darkness and surround her….

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