A Shattered Cup Of Tea – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…His cup topples from the bench and twists its way to a violent death at the hands of the floor. A sea of tea exploded from all sides, as the porcelain slammed into the hard polished concrete floor, and shatters from one end of the room to the other.

Cory looks over to Freddy, and gives him a playful wink, while blowing him a kiss. “Begger can’t be chooses too!” he says with snotty flair.

“FUCK YOU PRETTY BOY! I CAN BE WHATEVER I WANT TO BE!” Freddy roars as he thrust himself to his feet, crushing the slithers of cup into the floor with his high fuck-me boots.

“Did your mummy tell you that? Because if she did, she was only lying to keep you from crying!”

“ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP FLAPPING YOUR LIPS OR ARE WE GONNA PUNCH THE FUCK ON!” Freddy bellows as he raises both fists into the air and twists his lips in anger.

Cory nods his head with smug gusto. “Oh, we are gonna punch the FUCK on, that’s for sure,” he says, as he slashes the blade of a knife quickly through the air, several time, slicing deep gashes across Freddy’s arms and knuckles. He lets out a grimace of pain, hisses loudly, and pulls his hand in tightly towards himself, while letting his fists relax into open hands as he surveys the damage.

“W-W-What t…” But his words are stolen quickly away, as Cory drives a haymaker of a left into his right temple, before driving another into his left, sending Freddy staggering backwards, before he stumbles forwards, and catches a upwards thrusting knee to his chin for payment. His world explodes in colour, and then is engulfed in darkness as he feels the earth rush up and hit him in the face….

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