Pinned To The Dance Floor – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…Jerry sucks in another desperate breath, and closes his eyes as he grimaces in pain, pressing the back of his palm against the gash that cuts halfway across his cheek.

“Hurt?” Peggy asks with a wide smile across her bloody lips.

“YOU FUCKING KNOW IT DOES!” he bellows as his eyes shoot open wide, and he stares deathly towards her.

“Sounds like your ego took a little bit of a hit too.” she purrs playfully.


“Not from where I’m standing,” she scoffs as she dances around him like an animal boxing in its prey, readying to strike.

“It’s exactly how I want you to think,” he says as he sweep her legs out from under her, and drives a knife into her shoulder, pinning her to the floor.

“Clever boy, I wasn’t e..” But before she can say another word, he drives several more knives deep into her flesh, each knife digging into the wooden boards of the floor below.

“You never had a good imagination!” he sneers, as he thrusts a final knife into the center of her skull. For a few long moments he cradles himself, gently sobbing in his own arms, as emption after emotion washes over him. Finally after what seems like forever, he takes an uneasy step upward, and allows his heavy chest to fall.

“What, is that all you’ve got?” she asks, as her dead eyes look up into his….

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