A Sin In The Hand – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…Sammy thrusts Jason against the wall and digs his fingers into the open gash that spills a sea of red from it. “Does it hurt, little brother? Are you in pain?” he seethes through clenched teeth.

“I-I-I, I’m not g-g-going to give y-y-you the s-satisfaction of knowing,” Jason stammers, as he forces a smile across his pale, pasty cheeks.

Without waring Sammy drives a blinding headbutt into the ridge of Jason’s nose, sending him reeling across landscapes old and new, until he crashes to the ground in a bloody heap. He scrambles to his feet and looks frantically around the eerie world that surrounds him, before he comes to a complete stop and slowly pats his stomach several times as his eyes drift down to the perfectly toned stomach that was wide open some seconds before.

“W-W-W-What the fuck i-is going on?” he says in bewilderment, as he looks up into Sammy’s wide-eyed grin.

“Waffle,” he says proudly.

“W-W-Waffle?” Jason stammers.

Sammy nods his head in agreement. “Waffle, waffle.”

“W-W-What the FUCK does waffle mean?”

The smile on Sammy’s face widens. “It mean’s your dead, and I’m going to eat your soul!” Sammy snarls as his jaw dislocates and his mouth opens wide reveling rows of sharp rotting teeth…

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