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Day 48 – Jeremiah – YouChallenge Short Story

They gather around the nastily dug hole in the ground with bowed heads and closed eyes, as today, this family buries it patriarch, a man who they all thought would live forever, but now they stand in awe of the truth, that nothing lives forever.

Jeremiah Talbot was a man of few words, but many actions and a temper that ran through his veins and out his fists. For as long as he has lived in these parts only strangers had attempted to pass through what Jeremiah saw as his territory, for the rest of the neighbouring area stayed well away from Jeremiah and his kin as almost every soul that traveled within his lands never reached the other side, and those who did, would soon succumb to a violent death before being able to report any wrong doings by Jeremiah and his demented flock of children…

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