Day 48 – Jeremiah – YouChallenge Short Story

They gather around the nastily dug hole in the ground with bowed heads and closed eyes, as today, this family buries it patriarch, a man who they all thought would live forever, but now they stand in awe of the truth, that nothing lives forever.

Jeremiah Talbot was a man of few words, but many actions and a temper that ran through his veins and out his fists. For as long as he has lived in these parts only strangers had attempted to pass through what Jeremiah saw as his territory, for the rest of the neighbouring area stayed well away from Jeremiah and his kin as almost every soul that traveled within his lands never reached the other side, and those who did, would soon succumb to a violent death before being able to report any wrong doings by Jeremiah and his demented flock of children.

But now, as his busted and broken children weep while the wooden box that is to be his coffin is lowered into the hole the reality is lost to most of them. Over the course of his seventy-two years Jeremiah fathered over one hundred and eighty-nine illegitimate sons and four hundred and forty-six daughters, and for those who survived past their first few years of life faced a harsh, brutal world, with only a handful reaching their teens, and those who were not victims of the world, fell to the impairments in their DNA as a result of genetic mutation that was caused by the over saturation of the gene pool because of the constant inbreeding that took place, where many of his daughters mothered their own brothers and sisters, for Jeremiah ritualistically started sexual relationships with his daughters once they reached the age of eight.

Of course there was also the travelers, the ones who took the journey across, into Jeremiah land. Off on an adventure with the belief that new things waited on the other side, but they were never to find out as they would never reach it, instead they would succumb to Jeremiah and his children. The men were killed and provided the family with fresh meat, while the women who survived became new play toys for Jeremiah, impregnating some and beating others to death. Very few of these outsiders becoming part of the family as most became food, here nothing was wasted, and everything was recycled into something of use, something to sustain more life.

The eldest of his sons, the twenty-eight year old Calvert stands at the head of the grave and looks up to his thirty-six brothers and sisters and frowns deeply, not out of sorrow, but out of dissatisfaction.

“Daddy, Daddy was a great man, but now he is gone, but we are strong, and we will survive,” he says with a smile. “Daddy would want today to be joyful, a celebration of what he stood for, so while we be sad, we be happy, because from today I am Daddy now, it falls on my shoulders as I am oldest, his seed run through all us, and my seed, will run through all you, for it is his as well as mine,” he says as he pulls down his pants and grips his hardening member. “Let my seed go with you,” he says as he furiously begins to jerk his now hard penis until he empties himself over the top of the wooden box. And looks up at his brothers and sisters. “Rest now Daddy, for my seed is now yours and what you did sow, now will I.”

The other brothers begin shoveling the dirt into the hole, covering up the box as the rest make their way out of the shrine like graveyard.

While inside the box, she opens her eyes urgently to the muffled sound of something thumping above her as dirt leaks through the cracks in the wooden box, she feels around quickly, touching his cold dead body and screams.



The challenge was to write a story involving a woman waking up in a coffin, I originally started in the coffin but had more fun ending in the coffin.

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