Day 129 – Birthday – Short Story

Twenty seven years on the outside, twenty seven years of living a life on borrowed time, the headlights flash past me and I shield my eyes, I know, too much description? Well, I’m not paying you to read this so why don’t you just piss off if it’s not working for you. The car comes to a stop and she gets out, all legs, miles of them, I swallow, she looks around the empty car park and we lock eyes, only for a moment, but in that time she smiles and marches towards me.

“Your Phelps?” she asks, the words slide off her tongue as if they were dipped in gold and encrusted with diamonds, I’m in love, pity I know she won’t reciprocate the feelings.

“I’m the only one here so I must be,” I reply, what a jerk of a thing to say, yes would have been so much easier to say, but no, I tried acting all cool, suave as shit, she blushes, I don’t think it’s out if embarrassment.

“I was told I could trust you, if I was told wrong I’d prefer you were honest with me, so I can save us from both wasting our time.”

“Doesn’t that whole sentence contradict itself? Sure, if you want me to say I’m the best you’ll get for the price you want to pay, I’ll tell you that, as long as you pay. I’ll say whatever else you need me to, if that’ll make you feel more at ease, but honey, if you don’t feel a bond, a trust between you and I off the bat, I’m either nothing like you were told, or, I don’t give a shit what you think because I’m that good. So yeah, whatever you want me to say, I’ll say it, but don’t ask stupid questions. I’m here to get paid, you’re here because you’ve got a job you need done, someone removed from your life, permanently. How’s that for honesty?” Leonardo DeCaprio eat your fucking heart out, where’s my Oscar?

She stares at me, blinking, I can see the wheels turning upstairs, something begins to happen as her face softens, as does her stance, she becomes more relaxed, more, casual. “I’m sorry, I’ve never done anything like this before, I-I…”

I placed a hand on her quivering arm, did my best puppy dog eyes, “It’s okay, you’re not the first, won’t be the last, so, you don’t need to apologise. To be honest, I mean, you seem like a stand up broad, and I don’t want to steer you the wrong way, I’m not really the guy you came here to meet, he’s jammed in the boot of this car, so, this is something of a first for me as well,” I say, she stiffens, her eyes widen, and then she collapses, the drugs taking their desired result. “Its nothing personal, you understand, it’s just, well it’s my birthday, and you, you’re exactly what I asked for,” I say, oozing confidence. I know what you’re thinking, I’m scum, taking advantage of such a nice broad, but she wanted me, and when I say me, I mean the piece of shit I introduced to my trusty blade half an hour ago, to off her old man for his life insurance, so, she’s the scum, me, I’m just a lowly bottom feeder, looking for my next kill, and she, fits the bill.



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