Day 294 – Reflection – Short Story

“Tell me again, from the beginning, all of it, so I can understand why you did it,” she says, staring at the young man on the other side of the table, he looks down, and bites his lip before staring back up at her.

“How many times do I need to tell you?How  many different ways can I explain it?” He says, slumping back into the chair, letting out a breath of exhausted air from his lungs.

“Until I understand,” she says.

“Look lady,” he says as a nervous smile comes on his face. “If you were going to understand, you would’ve already, you’re never going to get it, never! So, just do what you have to do, be like the rest, and point and stare, mutter how crazy I am under your breath, and leave it at that.”

She leans across the table, removing her glasses, “Look tiger, I’m the only one who’s even giving you a chance, so, why don’t you humor me, and tell me again, from the start, and maybe, I might surprise you.”

He shuffles in his chair, and sighs, “Why?”

“Really? You’re asking me why?”

“Yeah, I mean, why do you care? I’ve told you three times how it happened, I told you every detail I could remember, and some I didn’t, and you still don’t believe me, so tell me what’s it going to take to get you to believe me, then, why I should care if you do?”

“Because you simple little child, if someone doesn’t believe you, if someone doesn’t stand by your side and stick up for you, you’re not just going to go down for this, you’re going to go for everything.”

“E-E-Everything?” He says softly.

“All of it, not just the stupid shit you did, but what they did. Unless, you can convince me you’re telling the truth.”

He takes a gulp of air, runs his hands through his hair and sighs again, “it was three nights ago, and I was sitting outside, smoking a joint when I first saw their spaceship land on the football pitch…..”

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