Daily Grind – Dreams

Do your dreams have a way of weaving  their way into your stories?

It’s a silly question I know, as an author I know a lot of my dreams turn up in some form in my stories, In fact some even push through so powerfully that the dreams force the story to be created.

Where am I going with this one, everywhere really. To be even more precise, I have a question, can a simple idea, a simple dream, spawn more than just a story, can it spawn a whole world into existence?

I know many of you are shaking your head with disagreement, but how many times has your mind run wild when reading a story, created the world inside your head, inspired you to, as some do, write fan fiction?

For name, I know in the early days being heavily influenced by comics, the world they created, living, breathing worlds that spanned well across this small universe.

Did something inspire you to pick up the pen, was it a dream, or was it someone else’s words written on a page that inspired you?

I’d love to know what makes you, you.



5 Replies to “Daily Grind – Dreams”

    1. The imagination unhindered by your adult mind trying to be all grown up and controlling, that’s what my dreams are to me. If I let the hooks off, I’d write awesome, mind bending stuff every second, of everyday, but we can’t dream all the time 😄.

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