Day 345 – The Challenge – 50 Word Story

In issue 451 of Fear In Fear Magazine I created what regular readers at the time would say was one of my most memorable villains, in a story called The Challenge. Our story revolved around a man by the name of Angus Strong, a villain who challenged his victims to complete a simple task, and their prize if successful, would be their lives.

for Matthew’s third supposed 50 word story, he chose to take the words from this story, giving you the words that follow.


“It’s easy, just put your lips together, and blow, the melody will follow in time,” he says with a smile, she looks up at him, as tears run down her face.

“Please, I-I-I can’t.”

“There’s no such word, as can’t,” he says as he slowly begins to sharpen his knife.


If you wish to read the full version of the story that Matthew posted on this blog under the name Passion, you can go HERE.

I’ll post my NEW, ORIGINAL story here later tonight, and as mentioned earlier, if you feel inspiration when reading the 50 words, write an expanded version yourself, and I’ll showcase it on this blog.



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