Day 351 – The Secret Ingredient – 50 Word Story Expanded

If you want to know how this story started, you can read about it HERE.


“This isn’t a sandwich, this is two pieces of bread with heaven shoved between them! How did you, a never has been, come up with a filing so mouthwatering?” She asks as she takes another enormous bite.

He smiles as he leans in towards her, “First, I cut Jerry’s throat.”

“What?” She says, as the blood runs from her face and her mouth drops open.

He smile broadens, “I binged watched Jamie Oliver on iview cockface.”

Slowly, her cheeks turn reddish, and her brow furrows, “Jerk,” she says landing a solid left punch into his bicep.

“You asked for it Sal,” he says grabbing his arm tightly.

“Well, tell me,” she says, taking another bite, “What’s in it? And don’t be a fucktard about it this time.”

“The ham, cheese and tomatoes are Wollies brought, the lettuce and cucumber I got at the market, and the beetroot I pickled myself, but it’s the sauce that makes it work,” he says slamming a metal bucket on the table, she peers uneasily over the rim, and fills her stomach turn.

“What in the hell is that?” She says with a shaking finger, pointing at the contents.

“What that? It’s rhubarb root,” he says.

“No, that?” She says.

“Oh, cultured bread mould, I grew it in some petri dishes myself, fascinating thing mould, one of the most underrat…..”

She quickly interrupts him, grabbing a bone from the sauce mixture and shakes it at him,”For god sake Timmy, this, what the hell is THIS!” She yells, her frustration more than obvious now.

“Oh, that,” he says, rolling his eyes. “That’s Jerry’s femur,” he says unperturbed, “apparently, according to some research, marrow located in the femur is rich with flavor.”

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