Day 351 – The Secret Ingredient – 50 Word Story

For Matthew’s next false 50 word story, he went to issue 198 of Fear In Fear Magazine, and chose his words from a story called The Secret Ingredient, below you can read the short that was posted.


“This isn’t a sandwich, this is two pieces of bread with heaven shoved between them! How did you, a never has been, come up with a filing so mouthwatering?” She asks as she takes another enormous bite.

He smiles as he leans in towards her, “First, I cut Jerry’s throat.”


If you’re interested in reading the original story, you can go HERE, this time, not only did Matthew rename it, but he also said it was part of WordPress’ Daily Prompt, I’m sure he did this to try and fish new followers.

You’re more than welcome, as always if inspiration hits, to expand the story yourself, all I ask is that you post a link in the comments below so I can showcase it on the blog.



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