Daily Grind – Show Me A Story

I don’t want to start off another Daily Grind with another story of something unusual happening, but, its what seems to be the current trend at the moment.

Little sleep, and nightmares, that seem to be coming more from out there, than from inside my head.

I tried not to sleep last night, I truly did, after the events of the night before, I dare not sleep, but, eventually things seemed to overtake my senses, and I knew, I was sleeping.

At first, I noticed small, out of the corner of my eyes movements, mainly in the shadows of the room, but then, after I really became aware of what was happening, everything faded away into nothing, darkness.

I was trapped, fear held me tightly as I tried to breathe the damp air into my lungs, then, I felt the ground beneath me tremble as it made its way out of the darkness, to stand before me, its size was immense, I could see nothing else but it.

We stood there, staring into each other, then it spoke to me, it told me of the blood, the darkness, how soon it would be time for me, to play my role in its rebirth.

I challenged it, I spoke up, I called it my imagination, I called it my fears realized, as things of its kind do not exist in this world, then it marked me, and told me once more, soon my role, for which I was born to play, would be upon us.

I woke, drenched in sweat, terrified, and was even more, when I looked down at my arm, and saw, it’s mark.

I don’t know now, if it was a dream or something more, but I have a feeling I’m going to find out sooner, rather than later.


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