Daily Grind – A Word From Our Sponser

Time to break character, with nine days remaining for the 365 challenge to be completed many things have transpired over the last few weeks, namely the biggest one, Marty Towns, one of the main characters from my ‘The Roundhead’ story has, if you haven’t realised by now, somehow come to life and taken over the blog, confusing his, ‘made up’ back story to be real and believes I’ve stolen his stories, claimed them as my own and posted them on this blog. After Marty renamed the blog, (total jerk thing to do by the way) he set about rewriting many of the stories that this blog brought to you, in a misguided attempt to reclaim them (another total jerk thing to do, god this guy is a total wanker). Now, after losing his marbles, (can I clap, because he’s obviously nuts) he’s decided to rebirth the horror magazine that he originally wrote all these stories for, in the form of a web blog, this web blog, which is now (if you didn’t notice) titled Fear In Fear Magazine. Plus we also have some suspicious character calling himself ‘The First’ posting vague poems/prose about how it’s coming, and the end is near… Gosh, okay, have I missed anything?

Probably, at the best of times I over stretch myself, but this is, well, not entirely up there with my best ideas.

Anyway, why the break in character?

Excellent question.

Easy answer, after the challenge is over, and, hopefully poor Marty is back in his box, the blog will indeed remain Fear In Fear Magazine, where we will be showcasing madness, the likes of the twisted roads we currently venture on could only dream of, and the invitation is out there to anyone who wants to throw down and become part of the dastardly dealings Fear In Fear will bring forth.

Why tell you now? Well, I wanted, before  things went pear-shaped, to touch you all, not in a weird, sexually perverted way, but in a, hey, this part of the story is legit way (maybe I should’ve just written touch base with you all…) because the blog itself is staring in this, the final story Matthew Tonks’ Twisted Roads of Madness will bring you. While I’m here, I just wanted to say, thank you to everyone who’s stayed with me as the wheels have fallen off, and, hopefully, I’ll see you on the other side.

Although, I should mention, the next time I post, I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up Deadhead manure, oops I should’ve said spoiler alert!



4 Replies to “Daily Grind – A Word From Our Sponser”

  1. You aren’t fooling us Marty! How dare you post as Matthew! 😄
    … seriously though, well said, and a moment of calm before the final shit storm I’m sure!😄 I for one am very much looking forward to Fear in Fear Magazine. I think it will be a fantastic place for like minded writers and artists to exercise their demons!

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