Daily Grind – I Want The Voices To STOP!

So tired, things are confusing enough, but now I can’t sleep, every time I close my eyes I see them, covered in blood, screaming, as I cut them, then, god… I need these images out of my head, I need, release.

This fucking blog is the cause of it all, before I heard of this place, I wasn’t this way, I wasn’t this fucked up, it all started once I took this blog over, it’s like somehow it infected me, made me, lose my shit, I need, I need to get away from this all, I need, I need, fuck I just need sleep.

I’m not thinking straight, I’m not, I’m not understanding things, I need sleep, I need rest, I need to get way from this house, this place, this blog, I need sleep.

I know, pointless post, but I can’t help it, it’s like, if I don’t write it down, if I don’t share it with you, it’s nothing, I’m nothing.

Am I really just a character in a story?

Or, is he the character, and I’m just confused, I’m lost, maybe if I can sleep, rest, regroup, I can sort this out myself, maybe, I can put him where he needs to be.

Maybe I can end his story, before, he ends me….

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  1. 9864 says:

    In tiny pieces, little bits at a time, baked chicken breast, rice, carrots, berries, chocolate milk are somewhat tolerable in unsteady times.


  2. 9864 says:

    He’s got plenty of character. You need a teensy bit of balance. Sleep helps. You also must eat right and get out what’s locked in.

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    1. Marty Towns says:

      Sleep is like a ghost, food goes down but I find most times I end up throwing it up again, it’s like I’m wasting away, like, I’m slowly unbecoming..


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