Hello YouTube, Please Subscribe

I am totally captivated by a YouTuber who posts under the name Skech Art, he’s art work is awesome, the images he creates come together, mind-blowing, and his personality, very down to earth, in short, he inspired the following piece.

Hello YouTube,

it is a constant struggle creating for you,

everyday I must come up with new innovative ways of showing you planets,


and trees of different color,

you view my videos,

you comment,

you like,

and some of you subscribe,

but none of you fucks,

none of you buy!

Why not?

They’re good,


They’re dazzling to the sensors,


So why do you not buy?

I try so hard,

I do the work,

I have the followers,

but still,

you don’t buy!

For fuck sake,

my wife has left me,

my mother is threatening to throw me on the street,

and YouTube,

my beloved YouTube,

is threatening to close my account due to the erratic behavior it believes I am having,

bullshit YouTube,

I loved you!



remember to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t,


buy a fucking painting!

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