We Are The Darkness That Never Shines – Part Twenty-Six

“So correct me if I’m not following you correctly, but Jarvier, the hero from the original story is now working for the thing he tried and died several times trying to stop in the first story, right?”

“That’s how it seems to be going,” he replies coldly.

“But why?”

“What do you mean by why?”

“I mean exactly what why means. Why have Jarvier deviate, why have him become the bad guy. Why have him go against everything his character stood for?”

“He’s not the bad guy, he just doesn’t have a choice, none of us do. And if you think this is outside his characters boundaries, you need to reread the first story again, because he’s no saint,” he says looking up from the notepad and locking eyes with the both before looking back down. “Besides, it doesn’t really effect your part in the whole crisscrossing situation, so what does it matter to you anyway?”

“Because , I’m going to get the blame.”

He looks up again and smiles, “I know, but that’s the idea. In the end you always will.”

“But why me? Why can’t it be you for once?”

“Because that’s the role I created you to play.”

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