We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Twenty-Nine

Jarvier grinds his teeth together, spitting a mouthful of spit to the ground. “So proud if yourself, aren’t you?” He hisses deeply.

“Why shouldn’t I be? This word should be the crown in my jewel of excellence, but instead its a bitter pill disguised as a dream, and that is for all of us. That thing out there,” Marty says as he thrusts a pointing finger towards the darkness that slowly closes around them. “That thing soiled our world with it touch, with it’s word.  And with that it soiled all of us, infected our very characters on a subatomic level, even he was unaware of. So yes, I should be, but sadly I’m not,” he says as he throws his rotten maggot infested apple into the darkness and takes several steps down towards Jarvier before holding a hand out towards him. “Now you have to decided on the twilight of all that ever has been, do you take my hand and fear the beast’s punishment, or run back to its side like the pathetic shadow of a man it has turned you into.”

Jarvier looks over his shoulder nervously and then up to Marty’s out stretch hand. “She’s safe now, right? You have her and that thing can’t get her?”

Marty smiles softly and nods his head, “She us asleep inside, and perfectly safe from its touch.”

“Make sure she stays that way because the next time we see each other, I will not be me,” Jarvier says as he turns and runs into the darkness.

Marty’s brow furrows, “What a strange coincidence that he said that, for I was about to say the exact same thing myself,” he says as he walks up the stairs and in through the front door of the house, closing it behind him as the darkness hits the house like a tornado.

“Now,” he says as he walks over to where Sophie sits frozen in place and sits down in a seat opposite her. “What were you going to asks me again,” he says as he leans across and touches the note pad that sits on her lap, as her eyes widen and her bottom lip quivers.

“Why?” She asks nervously.

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