We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Twenty-Eight

“Why theses games!” Jarvier hisses as he charges up the stairs towards Marty, only to find himself standing at the bottom again. Marty smiles and takes a bite of his apple.

“What makes you think I’m playing games with you?”

“Don’t try and act like your innocent, we’ve both been down this road before and it doesn’t suit you Marty,” Jarvier says as he pulls his revolver free from its holster and trains it on Marty. “Now you FUCKING tell me why you can’t just leave me in peace!”

“You know it’s better to eat those things instead of pointing them around at people,” Marty says as he nods towards the banana that Jarvier now holds in his hand instead of his revolver.


“Maybe we should make that line your catch phrase, because you’re using it an awful lot lately.”

Jarvier tosses the banana to the side, and as it hits the ground it makes a clunky metal sound, causing him to cast a quick glance over to see it is his revolver once more. “OH YOU CAN ROYALY GET FUCKED FOR THAT! I’M OUT!” He screams. “I’M DONE WITH BOTH OF YOU MANIPULATIVE FUCKS!”

“It’s no really how it works,” Marty says as he bites into his apple once more.

Jarvier falls to his knees, tears running down his face. “I just want this shit to end once and for all. I want to rest, it’s feels like it’s been weeks, since I had a moment to myself, away from this headfuck,” he says softly as Marty walks down to his side and places a hand gently on his shoulder and smiles softly as he squeezes it.

“Then come, rest fo…” his words are cut short as Jarvier drives the blade of a knife deep into Marty’s stomach.

“Why don’t you res…” Jarvier doesn’t get to finish his words either as he finds himself standing at the bottom of the steps once more looking up at Marty as he takes another bite of his apple.

“Now, why don’t we try that all again,” Marty says with a smile.

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