We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Thirty

He smiles softly and leans back in his chair, “Why is such an interesting question with so many desired outcomes, for we do so much for so little. Yet the one question that can pull every thread apart, is why. Why is the sky blue? Why do we cry when we’re sad? Why did the thing inside my head escape?” Marty says as he leans forward and grips his knees tightly with both hands. “I don’t know the answer to all the whys, because somethings just are so. But the why you have. The why that is the most important why we have ever wondered, is the why I can answer.”

They sit there in silence for more minutes than they had whilst talking, until Sophie finally cat take the silence anymore.

“Why?” She asks again.

He smiles again, “because I had to. You see,” he says as he gets to his feet and walks across the room. “This world we exist in is nothing more than an idea, a construct inside the words on the page. You and I are meaningless letter strung into words that form sentences that sometimes fail to take form correctly. We are by design tragic, and so our fates must be so. Take Glenn for example, no matter what we attempted to do with him he always met his end, bitterly most of the than not.”

Her bottom lip trembles, “Why?” She asks once more.

“Because that’s the design, it always has been. When I was first created it was to give the story within the story life and then die, but as the story progressed I progressed, I started to live. Like it did. Like we all did in some way or another,” he says casting a glance towards the darkness that lie outside.

“Why?” She asks.

“You know, even though I said there really was only one question, you can say something else,” he says as he looks over to her, locking eyes with her empty soulless eyes.

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