We Are… – Part Thirty-One

Marty smiles nervously, as he feels the edge of hit top lip quiver with annoyance.

“S-S-SURPR-P-PRISE!” Sophie yells with glee, laughing hysterically before her face becomes emotionless and she stares coldly at Marty. “I CANNN TELL B-B-BY THE LOOK ON Y-Y-YYOUR ROT-T-TTEN FACE YOU DIDN’T EXPECT P-P-POOR LITTLE SOPHIE TO B-B-BE I-I-ITS WAY IN!”

Marty muffles an awkward laugh, before taking a stuttered breath in and clenches his hands into fists. “It doesn’t change anything, the story’s already started. MY STORY! NOT THAT THINGS! NOT YOURS! BUT MY STORY! So do whatever it is you’ve come here to do. Threaten me with words, steal more of my creations for your own amusement. It doesn’t matter, for in the end I will be the one standing tall while you are but an erased memory of an idea that failed to be!” Marty hisses.

“You have misunderstood everything,” Sophie says with a smile upon her face as her skin pulsates with a million vapor trails left by whatever courses beneath her flesh. Slowly her smile grows, tearing her flesh apart to reveal rows upon rows of razor-sharp teeth. Marty staggers backwards in shock as she proudly gets to her feet.

“We are the dream that never end, purging reality to meet the preordained cataclysmic end we have foretold. We are the fear that never dies, instead we breed fear upon fear without recourse, only desire. We are the darkness that never shines, we are a thousand mirrors facing each other in a visceral circle. Wanting. Needing. Taking everything we must to survive. We are a thought given shape. We are..” She falls silent, staring off into and endless nothingness before screaming in agony, causing Marty to jump in fright as her flesh rips apart and the beast tears into existence.

“H-How? I-I-It’s not possible. T-This is my story, n-not yours,” Marty mutters in bewilderment as he presses himself up against the wall.

“We are the fear. We are the dreams. We are the darkness. We are ALL,” the beast growls as it towers over Marty, and then disappears leaving him cowering in fear.

“W-W-W-What the f-f-fuck,” Marty stammers underneath his breath as he eyeballs the room, searching for any sign of the thing that haunts his every moment. The pain is sudden and unending, sending him collapsing to the ground onto all fours.

“W-W-WHAT IS H-H-HAPPENING!” Marty cries out as he is engulfed in an endless heat wave, and begins to tear at his flesh, before in one final attempt at quelling the pain gouges his own eyes out with his fingers. “WHY?” Marty whimpers desperately to the nothingness to lies before him, then his crying halts and a smile slowly begins to grow upon his face as the beast rips away the paper-thin facade that once served as Marty’s shell.

“W-W-WE ARE ROUNDHEAD!” It announces as it slowly turns to you, staring at you with its endless eyes of nothingness, beckoning you let it come inside…

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