The Curtain Begins To Part, The Shows About To Start – Short Story

The lights twist and turn in the darkness, creating shadows that seem alive with movement. His mind frantically creates dark doubts and fears that implode with a plethora of images that burn their way into his brain. An explosion ripped through the electrified air and he feels the madness washing over him as familiar faces strut their stuff in front of him, guiding him towards their domain. The demon, the cat, the spaceman and the star child their age showing beneath their faded makeup.  Desperately his mind tries to remember the last time he felt the need for their protection, and why they’ve decided to come now, when he felt in control of everything that was before him. But his thoughts are pulled out of itself as they draw his attention back to them.

“Come,” the Star Child beckons him. “We are here, we are one, and we are ready to be your guide.”

“W-W-What?” He stammers as he rubs his aching skull.

“I’ve been waiting, WE’VE been waiting to revels the secrets you hold inside,” the Star Child says as the world vibrates with his every word.

“I-I-I, this is wrong, these are words from somewhere else,” he says as he turns to look behind him, only to have the demon drawn him back into their web as he stomp his enormous boots into the ground before him, sending earthquake like waves through the ground beneath him.

“No one leaves until this night is done, and the human race forever feels it’s hum,” the Star Chid says as he starts clawing at his face, tearing flesh from bone to reveal beneath the makeup and flesh an emptiness that stretches deep into another place far beyond this.

“So come,” the Star Child hisses through razor-sharp teeth, “I’ve been waiting to be your guide, I’ve been waiting forever for this night to finally come, for you’re now in the twisted roads of your own madness and when this night is done, I’ll swallow all you are to make us one!”

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