Protest The Sin Against Your Forgiveness (while she suffers for your HATE!) – Wrapped In Words

A woven epicentre pieced together by rascallion (BETRAYAL) brutes who reason their thoughts against the stuffing of others, doub(dilute)full regalia has below the hashtags sent, withered sin within my costume of hate, (segregation) HATE! words designed to ignite the fire of absolution inside thy gut of anger and ignorance, a pittance for your beliefs, death for your refusal of mine, stay your desires (SEXULIZE) lay not with who you choose, sinner within sin, 5 letters, 5 ways in, cast the vote, sign the form, suffocate the different and protect the mirror images of ones erection as it spills its seed (its semen) across the face of those ithethemhismen(bastard sons of bastard sins) REFUSES to reproduce with…

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