Let The Big Top Scream With The Cries Of Forever – Wrapped In Words

Subtle hits of salt and vinegar explore my nose as my hands drive flesh beneath my nails, sunlight burns like the heart of a flame while destiny sings its wicked song, acrobatic humanoids dance with skill, balancing on rope across the sky, scissors without remorse powerfully cut the rope into separate strands like hair, slowly death drags them downward, as graceful dainty fingers clutch desperately at the air, dissolving into nothingness as bones snap through flesh, tearing, ripping, screaming, followed by silence before the crowd erupts into wild cheers of excitement, turn slowly they disappear back to where they come and the tent comes down as the show moves onto the next town, looking for its next victims, looking for the next sacrificial sacrifice upon the altar of immortality it so desperately seeks…..

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