Within The Darkness Sits A Wicked Man Waiting For Flowers To Bloom – Wrapped In Words

The wicked man loses sight of all the in-between that slowly slips away and instead focuses his hate on the failings of all a twisted flower before him, slowly the flower wilt as the man wickedly scolds the dying plant with all his sickly sins, forcing the flower to burden itself with his undoings as it battles for life, but with no sun or water it slowly falls within itself as the twisted mans hate burns a new level of disgust into the flowers once beautiful form, then, as it takes its last moment the man so wicked curses it once more with his hate, for he never deserved the flower so grand, but his hate, his jealousy, proclaimed across the skies that neither could any other, and then he left, looking for a new flower to suffocate, that wicked man with no remorse…

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