Madness Poems Whispered Words Wicked Words Wrapped In Sin Wrapped In Words

Cold Swinging Song – Unhinged Poem

What ya gonna see when the blood runs cold and your flesh begins to rot, heavenly intentions with a cold margarita yet there’s no alcohol in that, mouths feeling a little bit funny, shit stop tasting like honey, same old mess is not filling my tummy and now I don’t have a lot of money, freak show, hell no, gotta go,  it’s all fucked up from here,  why do ya think they put you six feet under,  cause your flesh is falling off,  it’s a crude device that got wrapped around your balls,  and no one thought about it twice,  come over here and I’ll show you some fucking,  designer shoes with a little bit of something,  shoes string,  pants belt,  whatever I can use to hang myself has been taken away from me…


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