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A Glass With Nothing Left – Unhinged Poem

I close the eyes you make me use,

I bury the images you forced me to see,

a way out,

a way down,

digging hands,

blood red seas,

preach my sin to me,

for I cannot hear,

blasphemy written in tongues,

swimming in a sea that never ends,

searching for land that will never be,

searching for the place you left me,

the mirror of your wild hate,

a reflection of my twisted fate..

One reply on “A Glass With Nothing Left – Unhinged Poem”

We often don’t realize, that we’d, given up control over our own lives, and allow others to dictate, how we’re supposed to be, to act, how we’re supposed to behave, in certain situations, and, what opinions were, supposed, to have…


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