Not Your Normal Car Ride – 50 Word Story

“Half the boys running these dogs are ex-military, the grunts who fought in the thick of it, the boys disowned by half the people they served to protect because of the colour of their skin, or what organ they had between their legs, or what flavour their sexual appetites buttered….”

One thought on “Not Your Normal Car Ride – 50 Word Story

  1. I did serve in the Spanish Legion and deployed twice, I never remembered having dogs to sniff bombs. It was us that “suddenly” snifed the bomb when it went off, so very thankful working with the U.S Marines with all their cool equitment and basically saving our ass. And I do remember the platoon of Marines we got attached to had a dog handler, at the time I din´t think much of it, but now….. that dog saved a lot of U.S Marines and my guys too. So it is quite neat to see the Youtube videos of military dogs, the great thing is that in the U.S military they will treat them as another team mate. Like othe humans, they will get a medevac to pull them out of the kill zone if they are injured and e.t.c. You tell me what other country does that? I haven´t seen other countries pay that respect to a dog except the U.S, and very thankfull the dogs were there with me and my platoon.

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