Freely Fragile Vanity Lost – Unhinged Poem

Let me see,

History repeats in a haggard troupe,

venom on the side boards,

blood stuck in their throats,

a blade for all who came,

a swing,

a sway,

a blazing sun scorched in a sea of red,

whimsical washing,

pittance and pillows,

faceless love,

we are devious in our ways,

intent shaded in a mirrorless room,

forgive me,

for I cannot forgive you…

cardinal sin within me,

gripping throats as we’re stuck inside,

watching the world sway from side to side,

desperately looking through closed eyes,

wondering why you didn’t ask for help,

when the world had nothing else to give,

change your ways,

give flight to sight,

open your eyes and see,

sing the song within,

let the sun in,

prisoner no longer,

let me see…

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