5 Minute Horror Story – Maximum Maximillian – First Short Story From 2020 Book Nine

“Of course I understand,” she says with a bemused smile upon her lips. “But you realise if this goes ahead. If the world needs to see with their own eyes what has happened, it will rest upon your shoulders to usher in that factoid.”

He raises an eyebrow in wonderment and twists his lips in several unusual angles. “Why do you make it sound such a negative thing? When I joined this house, I joined to rid the plateau of the insignificant cattle that wander the wilderness free to do what they so desire. I will gladly be the voice, if that is what is asked of me by the great elders.”

She allows herself to giggle, as she gently takes the bloody knife from his hands and places her perfectly pink hand softly on his. Wide and clear his eyes open, as blood cascades through his tiny form and rushes to his already engorged penis. “You must be everything, or nothing,” she says with a purr, as her hand runs slowly from his hand, to his leg. “You are to be the master, and the accused.”

“W-W-What do-do you me-mean?” He asks through trembling lips, as pre-cum escapes his delicately balanced seesaw.

She pulls her hand away, and gently flicks her fingers through his hair, as she lightly presses her lips against his ear.

“You will be the all and the everything. You will be the face, the voice, and the name of who we are Maximilian. You will have power beyond that of which you begged so freely for, and all you need do is be wunderbar!”

He giggles, as he tries to pull away, but she grips his head and holds him tightly against her, as she bites lightly down upon his earlobe.

“Where are you running to? We have pleasures to experience, you and I Maximilian,” she hisses, as he explodes in his pants and lets out a muffled groan.

“M-MMY NAMES MAXXXX! N-N-NOT MAXIM-M-MILIAN!” He cries out loudly. She pulls away, and is quickly to her feet, looking down upon him with disgust. “W-W-What’s wrong?” He stammers.

“You, YOU are wrong! You come here hidden with desires not of the ilk we call for. Your blasphemous words misconstrued into meaning. Then, to insult the final pillar of all we are, you deny your birth name and it’s righteous place among the heavens trilogy.” She spits like a venomous snake, while pointing a perfectly manicured finger at him.

“I-I-I, if it’s w-w-wh-what you want, I’ll use Maximilian, n-no worries at al-all. I-I, I never realised it was a p-p-pro-problem,” he stutters. Her left eyebrow takes a sharp nosedive, while her right arches high into the air.

“Do you swear, from this moment onwards, with me as your witness, swear it to be so. Swear upon the words of our founder. Swear upon the meal you are about to ingest. Swear, and you will be welcomed with open arms,” she says, an indescribable power ebbing from each word.

He nods his head in a panic, “Y-Y-Yes, I-I, swear. I SWEAR! Just tell me what I must do, and I will do it without fear or question.”

She smiles broadly and opens her robe, revealing her naked body. “Now eat from the womb of life, and then I will dine upon your seed, for that is his rule, and ever shall it be,” she says as she lies back, and he buries his head between her thighs…


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Before you lies a piece of a puzzle far grander than you could ever know or imagine. For scrawled in blood upon the pages hidden within the above tome is stories twisted twenty in all, soaked in the embers of my insanity. Five minutes to glimpse inside the eyes of someone new, five minutes to answer, five minutes to sin, five minutes to do almost anything. A god, a demon, a harlot, a whore. A fascist, a killer, a sinner, a door. Death and division, humanity askew. A belfry of bats, a sea of black cats, so many moments out there to see, so many things you could see with me. So take a seat beside me and call it voodoo, because now you ride with me too…

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