Read – Be Damned My Journey – First Short Story From Breadcrumbs To Madness 3

When the world closed, and the doors rusted shut, we never knew it was going to be the start of something more than just the end…


“Whimsical washings my dear, for there is no more,” he says with an awkward smile. “You just need to realise it was never going to go your way.”

She continues to stare down at the coffee cup, ignoring his words.

“You can play the card that was dealt to you, and attempt nirvana, or you can do this a be damned!”

“Will you relent? Will you be still?”

He stares silently towards her, while she continues to watch the cup. “I am like the ice of these walls dear child, I will not relent, and I will never be still!”

“Then you will be forever damned, for this is not just a moment that will be left from your memories, it will be a forever that will never be.” she spits with venomous intent, as she casts a glare of hatred up from the cup and into his awaiting eyes.

He allows a wry smile the crawl across his lips like a caterpillar and strokes his lengthy beard with pompous pride. “You show such aggression for someone so young, and clearly out of hope. What makes you think you can disrespect me so flippantly?”

She laughs, “I’m not trying to disrespect you, and if that is what you feel I have done, then I apologise with a heavy heart, for my words were meant as a…” She doesn’t get to continue her sentence as he is upon her.

The table and cup are knocked to the ground as if they were leaves in the wind, while he tightens his grip around her throat and hisses like a snake. “I have given thee more space than I have any other. I have allowed you to live when others would be dead long ago. I stand here, with my hands around your throat and finally feel like I am who I am supposed to be, once again. Tell me why I should allow you to live? Tell me why I shouldn’t curse you to the longevity of a forever trapped inside this tomb, like I have the rest of these pathetic lost souls?” he growls through clenched teeth, as he lifts her high into the air with one hand, and gestures around the room at the silent spectres that stand watching, with the other.

Her eyes bulge from their sockets, and she at first allows herself to lie limp in his arms, but as the seconds tick over to minutes, she feels a hopelessness take over, and she frantically tries to free herself from his grip. As she lets out gasps of fevered desperation, she frantically tries to pull his fingers from her throat but finds it almost impossible. She then tries to claw at his face, digging at his eyes, sobbing uncontrollably.

He smiles wryly and pulls her to him. “You see who holds the power now wench?” he hisses as he licks the tears from her face and tosses her to the ground.

She gasps desperately, dragging in breath after breath, tightly clenching her hands into fists as she tries to gain control of her nerves once more.

“Now,” he says with a broad smile across his face, as he places the table back on its feet, and sets the coffee cup in the centre once more. “Let us play again, and maybe this time you will make the right decisions, that give us both a perfect outcome.”

Follow the link below to purchase Breadcrumbs To Madness 3 and read the remaining 23 short stories.

The brief was simple, I had 1 day to create 24 ludicrous 100-word stories that utilised a genre, a location, and some obscure object that almost had no place in the scene it was thrown into. Once the 24 hours were completed, the shorts were posted on this blog to fester within the world of man.
Then sometime later, after the infestation had set in, I gave myself a new target. This time I challenged myself to another 24 hours, but instead I had to rework the snippets into something larger, something more defining.
The pages of the book you could now hold in your hands, houses those defined stories.
So, now the question I ask of you, is do you dare open the pages and see the true terrors 1-day can bring upon man? Or, will you whisk yourselves away to somewhere grander, and less threatening?


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