Read – Hammer It Home – First Short Story From 2020’s End Of Year Collection

As the toll of totality chimes, the segmented drawer we keep all things worthy in decays with the passage of time we so desperately count, in hope of one day outliving it …


She smiles, then picks up one of the small nails from the table and gently holds it against the bloody hand.

“Now, I know I said I was going to stop, that I was going to leave you alone and move onto something entirely different from the little ecosystem we have created here, but…” She says as she brings a hammer down onto the head of the nail, driving it into his hand.

He lets out a muffled scream, as he twists up his nose in defiance, staring at her with deathly remorse.

Her smile broadens, and she giggles like a schoolgirl would when being wooed by the boy of their dreams. “Look at you! Look at you shine!” she says with exasperated breath. “I have spent a many a long moment priding myself on perfecting my skill set, not only to be the complete package I so desire myself to be, but also so I am truly a dread for all who come and sit before me. Of course, you know this, because it’s how I sold myself to you the day I walked into that little two-dime whore house you used to work out of. Do you remember that day like I do, or do you sit there regretting it now?” she asks with a slight tilt of her head, as she looks curiously into his hate filled eyes.

He slowly opens his trembling lips, and twists his jaw around in a clockwise motion, then anti-clockwise, before licking his lips, never breaking eye contact. “I couldn’t care less for that day, it was not unlike any other day I had lived before, and it did nothing to change my path. I…”

“LIAR!” she bellows, as she brings the hammer down on his hand, shattering two of his fingers in the process. She presses her lips together tightly and swallows a dry mouthful of air. “Liar,” she hisses.

He forces a smile onto his lips, while his eyes berate her with a tirade of verbal abuse. “Y-Y-Y-You need to come to the realisation, my pretty little butterfly, that you are nothing in the wayward scheme of anyone else’s life, but your own, and when you come to that realisation, you may truly be great at this job. Until then, you will always be the little rich girl who begged me to teach her how to manipulate pain as a weapon, so she could teach Mummy and Daddy for not loving her enough.”

She sneers, then brings the hammer down again, smashing the other fingers on the same hand, then in the same movement drives the head of the hammer into his right kneecap, causing him to scream out in agony. “THERE YOU ARE!” she roars with wide eyes.

He rocks his lips across each other, tightly closing his eyes for a few moments as he forces his tongue around inside his mouth, forcing it up into the top corner, and dislodging one of his own teeth. A powder spills out onto his tongue, and he lets out a stuttered breath, before opening his eyes once more. He stares at her with a half-arsed smile, then lets out a sharp hiss. “W-W-When you look back on this, remember you failed,” he says as he starts convulsing violently.

She grips him by the hair, and pulls his head back, snarling in his face like a rabid animal, “When you get to where you’re going, know it won’t be far enough!” she hisses, as she smashes him across the face with the hammer, firstly dislocating his jaw, then ripping it from his skull as she continues to hit him with the hammer repeatedly.


Follow the link below to purchase the 2020 End Of Year collection and read the remaining 30 short stories.

As you read these words, know that you have already taken the last step of your journey towards the wickedness we bring you.
So wait no longer, compete the phase and open OUR pages of insanity.
Allow the finality of all things be complete, and in doing so you will allow these moments, these characters, these short glimpses that are collected here for you to witness seep inside all you are.


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