Read – See It Shine – First Short Story From 2020 Book Eleven

Dawn painted nothing new, it just retouched what was given before…


The diamond spins without fault or fancy above them, capturing the essence of their stare within it.

“D-D-Do you think it kn-knows?” she says softly, gripping his hand tightly.

“Do I think it knows what?”

She rolls her eyes and looks at him with a grizzly glare of frustration. “You know, what we did.”

He smirks broadly and brings his gaze to meet hers. “We haven’t really done anything, yet anyway.” He says as he grips the back of his neck and kneads it like dough.

She looks back up at it and purses her lips together as she wiggles her nose like a sixty’s genie would. “We won’t be doing anything more if you continue to act like that, and you know that’s not what I meant.”

He laughs nervously, “I know, and I didn’t mean for it to sound the way it did.” he says as his gaze moves back to the diamond as well. “Do you think it knows?” he asks.

Without hesitation she hooks a punch into his arm.


“Because you’re a jerk!”

“What?” he says with a wry smile upon his face. “You literally started it, I was just echoing your question.”

“You mean repeating it, to be a jerk.”

He laughs loudly and pushes her away gently. “If anyone here is a jerk, it’s you, not me.”

“Why does it have to be me? Why can’t it be YOU?”

“Because you’re the one who tried to sabotage the dig site, which in turn created that bloody thing that’s hovering in the sky. So you’re the one who started it all, and you’re the JERK!”

She stands looking at him with clenched fists, grinding her teeth from side to side. She lets out a stuttered breath and turns back to the diamond object that spins high above them. “Doesn’t mean I’m the jerk here, and don’t you dare think I’m going down on my own, you helped, you were part of it all!”

“I only wanted to get in your pants, that’s all. Anything that actually happened had nothing to do with me, I was just emotional support.”

“You don’t have a dick,” she hisses.

He stares at her with a confused scowl upon his face, then pulls down his pants, and grips his flaccid penis. “This look like nothing to you?”

She furrows her brow, and grimaces. “Is it alive?”

He looks down and then back up at her, “What the FUCK is that supposed to mean? OF COURSE IT’S ALIVE!”

“Really? It doesn’t look alive right now.”

His face glows bright red, and he quickly pulls his pants back up. “T-T-T-That’s because I’m not in the mood, okay!” he says through clenched teeth. As he zips up the zipper, he catches some of the extra skin from his penis in its teeth and lets out a silent scream while his left eye twitches uncontrollably.

“What the fuck is wrong with you now?” she asks with a sigh of frustration.

“M-M-M-MY COCK!” he screams as she pulls his hands away to reveal a flab of throbbing flesh ground in the zipper. Without a second’s hesitation she empties the contents of her stomach at his feet.


Follow the link below to purchase 2020 Book Eleven and read the remaining 19 short stories.

As you read these words, know that you have already taken the last step of your journey towards the wickedness we bring you.
So wait no longer, compete the phase and open OUR pages of insanity.
Allow the finality of all things be complete, and in doing so you will allow these moments, these characters, these short glimpses that are collected here for you to witness seep inside all you are.


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