He Seized The Said – Microfiction Short Story

 He Seized The Said 

He drops to his knees and grits his teeth tightly. “What do you want me to do? Take back everything I’ve given, and leave?” he spits as he casts a wicked glance her way, meeting her cold glare.

“You can FUCKEN rot for all I care!, but you’re not taking anything you brought here to me, because that’s FUCKEN mine CUNT!” she snarls as she tightens her hands into fists, and strikes him across the face with a ferocious left that is quickly followed by right and another powerful left. He sways from side to side as his world heaves left and right while a ringing roars in his ears. He tries to focus his disjointed gaze upon the blurry shadow that he can only assume is her, but his world is torn asunder as she strikes him once more, this time sending him to the ground in a motionless heap.

“You thought you were the FUCKEN king, when all you really ever were, was a FUCKEN joke! I canne believe I let you lie with me in my bed, and sucked your fleshy piece of meat in my mouth! I must’ve been FUCKEN mad!” she snarls as she drives a well placed kick into his face, smashing a plethora of teeth free in bloody fashion.

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