5 Minute Horror Story – He Who Can Be King – A Short Story From A Twisted Halloween 2021

Bray drips to his knees and stretches his arms out wide as he arches his head backwards peering into the sky with eyes wild.

“You call me home while I cannot be found, yet I see the doorway that should not be. Forsake a pathway beneath the sin, yet I regret nothing, slender hands around my flesh, thrusting upwards, my seed is planted in the moistness of thy lips,” he snarls with a wicked smile as he casts his deranged vision back to the bloody face of Sharon and Ikisa. “Harlots one and all, the devils work done and won, my sin aplenty, my beanies none.” he gyrates as he forces himself to his feet tall while still holding his arms out. His nakedness now fully on display, as his wasted seed drips from the end of his flaccid cock.

“You fornicate without purpose, yet expect an army to surround you, what do you want from life if it is not to further your gene pools existence?” Heart prods as he looks down into the pit with stoic presence.

Bray smiles and spins around as he slaps his hairy bare bosom. “You stand up there with a mouth dirty as sin, afraid to venture down because of what I would put in, maggot of virtue, prince of bed wetting liars, come down here and taste me, I’ll be gentle I promise,” he retorts with a wicked grin upon his lips.

Heart points a thrusting finger towards him. “I will not grant you favour, and I will not be dragged into this ridiculous game. When dawn makes its mark on the area, you will be put to death. So run while you can gingerbread man, for running is all you ha…” he doesn’t get to finishing his words of larceny as a blade cuts his arm from his shoulder, as it drops into the pit below. Heart finds no scream able to escape his frozen throat as he moves his gaze from the jets of red that shoot from his arm to that of his attacker. His mouth drops open and his eyes widen as he locks eyes with his son Jacob.

“M-M-My s-son w-what have you done?” he stammers.

“I have done what must be done, for the betterment of my child,” Jacob says as Heart’s eyes move from his son’s eyes and down to his engorged stomach.

“The seed planted in the many and the more, the fathers and sons, the mothers and daughters, the sin and the sun, I am more and I am wonderful.” Bray says proudly as he slaps his bosom once more, while his other hand strokes his erect penis.

“M-M-May whatever d-devil hold j-judgment over y-y-you, s-see you in-unworthy w-w-when yo-your to…” he doesn’t get to finish his words as Jacob slices the blade through his neck, separating his head from his shoulders. The world spins violently as his head tumbles into the pit, followed quickly by his decapitated body. And as the darkness creeps in to drag him away he is pulled high into the air by the cackling Bray, before he thrusts his cock into Heart’s mouth. 


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Before you lies a piece of a puzzle far grander than you could ever know or imagine. For scrawled in blood upon the pages hidden within the above tome is stories twisted thirty-one in all, soaked in the embers of my insanity. Five minutes to glimpse inside the eyes of someone new, five minutes to answer, five minutes to sin, five minutes to do almost anything. A god, a demon, a harlot, a whore. A fascist, a killer, a sinner, a door. Death and division, humanity askew. A belfry of bats, a sea of black cats, so many moments out there to see, so many things you could see with me. So take a seat beside me and call it voodoo, because now you ride with me too…


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