5 Minute Horror Story – Similar Senses – A Short Story From A Twistedly Jolly Christmas 2021

“D-Did you s-see it?” Salomon stammers as he looks back over to Debbie with wide wild eyes before looking back over to the doorway. “I-I-It’s t-t-there!” he adds as he points to the floorboards then looks back at Debbie once more.

She looks at him and smiles nervously as she shakes her head. “N-No, I don’t see anything, because nothings there.”

He leaps to his feet and thrusts his hands towards the vacant space before the doorway, glaring at her with a dumbfounded look upon his face. “Are you telling me you didn’t see t-t-that thing j-j-just then? I-It was r-right THERE, as plain a-as day!”

She shrugs her shoulders and twists her face as she squeezes her left eye closed. “Nope, sorry I didn’t see a thing, because nothing was there.”

He clenches his teeth and squeezes his hands into tightly bound fists, “BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!” he bellows as his face turns a bright shade of red seconds before he starts stamping his feet loudly into the floorboards. “HOW COULD YOU NOT FUCKING SEE IT! HOW COULD YOU NOT FUCKING NOTICE! IT WAS RIGHT FUCKING THERE!”

She holds her hands up in a semi defensive position, “Sal please, take a FUCKING chill pill dude. Whatever you saw, you were the only one to see it. So why don’t you sit the FUCK back down, and take a few moments to gather yourself, before I have to take matters into my own hand and slap some sense back into that thick head of yours!” she says sternly, digging her eyes into his. Seconds spawn into minutes as they stand locked in their interwoven contest, until Salomon eventually tears his eyes away, and casts a wayward glance towards the empty floorboards, before tossing himself back into his seat, gruffly crossing his arms across his chest as he does.

“Thank you,” she says with a soft smile.

“Whatever,” he quips back quickly.

“Is this how you’re going to be now? Because I’m still happy to give you a slap if you want one?”

“Isn’t it enough I SAT FUCKING DOWN? What do you want from me now? Do you want me to bow and curtsy? IS THAT IT!” he roars with a renewed vigour as he launches himself from his seat once again.

She puckers her lips up and lets out a stuttered sigh. “This is about your little imaginary friend, isn’t it?”

He stares at her with ever growing wide eyes while a tremor of uncontainable anger surges through him. “YES!” he roars.

“Fine,” she says as she throws her hands in the air, and stares at him intently.

For several seconds they sit in silence before he shrugs his shoulders and holds out his hands in confusion. “Fine what?”

She rolls her eyes in their sockets and sighs loudly once again. “I mean FINE, tell me about your BLOODY imaginary friend. But,” she says as she thrusts a pointing finger at him. “Once you tell me, you SHUT the FUCK up about it, Understood?”

His right eye twitches, and he sucks his cheeks in as he casts one final glance towards the doorway. “DONE!” he says with a nod of his head, as he holds out his hand to shake.

“Get that out of my face, and just tell me about your invisible mate!”

Salomon looks at his open hand, then wipes it down his front and awkwardly kneads the back of his neck. “I-It was right there, j-just sitting there watching us like some little voyeur. A-At first I-I didn’t know it was there, b-but then I saw it move in the corner of my eye. W-When I looked towards it, without looking, that’s when I saw it. B-But when I really looked, like REALLY looked, it wasn’t there, and that’s when I called out to you.” he says as he turns to the now pale Debbie. Beads of sweat pour from her brow, and as she stares at him with wide eyes, she awkwardly motions to her right, towards the rooms corner.


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