He Of A Thousand Loves – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…..“D-D-DON’T S-SAY THAT! Y-YOU LOVE ME, A-AND I KNOW IT!” he cries as he stumbles awkwardly towards her, only to find himself face first into the concert floor with a face full of broken glass, and Alisha digging her knee into the back of his neck, paralysing him.

“I FUCKING don’t love you! And I NEVER will FUCKING love you! I mean look at you, you’re a drunk Stanley, a drunk chauvinistic pretty boy who lost his looks years ago, and that’s more due to your overuse of high-end recreational drugs. Had you slowed the fuck down on what you put in your arm and up your nose, you most still have a full set of teeth and the looks to go with them. But that, that ain’t the worst of it all, it’s the fact that you can’t accept rejection, you can’t accept that your not good enough for anyone, so you flip it inside your little head, that it’s them who’s not good enough for you, and when that happens, you only have one card to play,” she hisses into his ear, as she grabs a handful of his hair and pulls his gaze up from the ground…

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