The Two Tone Suit – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…..“I-I, I wasn’t looking f-for t-trouble, h-honest I-I wasn’t,” he stammers through shaking lips.

Murdock smiles broadly and runs a hand roughly through his hair. “I know that kid, and you know that in the scheme of things, I’m not the one to blame here, don’t you?” he says with a raised eyes brow, as he curls his lips underneath his long bushy moustache. “I’m here doing a job just like you are, it’s just unfortunate for you that I’m on the opposite of the fence and have less cares than you do.”

“I-I, I didn’t realise w-we were discussing t-the mechanics behind it all, I-I, I thought it was all about pictures painting thousands of words a-and all t-that BULLSHIT!” he hisses before he starts coughing violently, spraying a fine mist of red across the air before him.

Murdock takes a few awkward steps back, and pulls a twisted face in disgust, which in turn causes Sam to grin broadly.

“W-What, n-not as h-hot to trot as y-you were a f-few moments ago, b-blood gross you out?”

“FUCK you kid! This is a four-thousand-dollar suit! A suit I don’t want your blood staining! So, if you don’t mind, I’ll keep my distance.”…

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