Surgery Doesn’t Come Cheap – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…..“That, the rage. The rage you have sitting inside you, right at this moment. The rage you feel for me, and for what I’ve done to you, the ones you’ve professed to love,” he says with a callous smile as he casts a wayward glance toward Emily, Dalton and Fiona’s bloody remains, before turning back to Mickey once again, and tilting his head to the side as his smile widens. “That rage is what will set you apart from the others when the world starts spinning once more. That rage is what will seal the circle when you unleash it upon me. That rage will be the weapon you use to stop not only me with, but all the bad egg’s that exist out there. For you see, that rage will be my gift to you.” he hisses as he grabs Mickey by the hair and pulls his face to face his. “But know this, and know this true, even though I give you this, I will not alleviate you of this gift with my death, not yet, for my games are far from over.”

“F-FUCK YOU!” Mickey bellows venomously…

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