The Worries Of Man – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…..He smiles as he chews on his quivering bottom lip, “You’re sweet for saying that my love, I respect the way you feel I’m handling myself in such a trying situation, but the world ain’t what it used to be. FUCK! We can’t even walk down the street now without one of these ugly FUCKING things on your face.” he spits as he scrunches the mask up tightly in his hand, then tosses it to the ground with a slouching sneer across his lips. “Although that could FUCKING change next week, or tomorrow even if they see fit to make it that. The GOD DAMN government don’t know what they’re doing, and if they do, then they’re playing a really FUCKED-UP hand of poker to do it!”

Her only answer is the repeated slow blinking of her eyes and the squeezing together her cheeks as if she was trying to crack a walnut with her lips. Suddenly he roars with laughter as he slaps his thigh powerfully. “YOU TALK WITH A MOUTH LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME GIRL OR DO YOU SAVE IT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS?” he screams while giving her a hearty wink….

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