Thy Flock Give It – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“Words of sin shall not find their way into all that is mine, for the grace of all that he promises shall be given to those that follow in his word, and those that don’t shall know sorrow and sadness tenfold.” he relaxes his grip and stares at her in dismay. “W-Why can you not accept his w-word and join me Josephine? Why do you break my heart ever so?”

She spits a wad of saliva into his face with an aggressive sneer across her lips and a brow deeply furrowed. “I TOLD YOU BEFORE, I’M NOT JOSEPHINE! SHE’S FUCKI…” she doesn’t get to finish her words as he slaps her across the face with a powerful open hand.

“Your words of sin will not be sought in my home, and neither will your lies! Face the truth with me, or I will cut it from you!” he hisses as he holds an intricate handled knife up for her to see, it’s edge gleaming brightly in the dimly lit room…..

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