Worthy Of Less – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….Colin drops to his knees and allows a stuttered breath to escape his blood drenched lips. “W-When the world e-eventually comes t-to f-find me, a-and w-when they s-see what you’ve d-done, t-they’ll hunt y-you a-and your k-kind d-down l-like the FUCKING wild d-dogs y-you are!” he spits as he casts a visceral glare across the wasteland that stretches out before him, catching small blurry glimpses of his attackers as they move quickly from hiding place to hiding place, before bringing his gaze back to her, as she stands stoically before him.

“So overly self-sure of yourself you are, but what if your world out there cares not for you and those you drag silently beneath your feet? What if no one comes to find your hollow shell? How can the world dignify your death with mine and my peoples, if it does not care for your inclusion in it in the first place?”

“T-They’ll come, and it will b-be a glorious s-sight to behold.”

“The only thing that will beheld is how insignificant you really are to those you believe you have power over, how little the world cares for who you are, and if you are there or not.”….

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