Persuading The Night – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….The sun’s rays burn brightly down upon his flesh, and it blisters almost instantly. He lets out a scream of agony, while Saffron’s smile grows wider while the sun’s rays are blocked from view.

“At first I thought it was a joke, some crude attempt at at scoring favour with those in grander stead, but I am impressed beyond comprehension. But in this, many questions are raised, of course the first begs an answer, how is this the first time I am seeing a vampire in the flesh?”

“You talk as if you are someone of importance, when you hold no sway or title over your people to be called one. Had you been truly worthy, you would know our existence has been long known to your kind, but we keep ourselves hidden, because that is the will my people have been beheld to.”

“The will your people have been beheld to? Powerful words, you make it sound like you’ve never had a choice in the matter. Why?”

“What makes you think I care to answer your FUCKING questions!” he spits with teeth pointed and bared.

She nods her head and the shade is removed once again, and he screams in agony until the safe is returned. “I think we both know my answer to that question….”

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