Colour Me A Rainbow – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“So what are you telling me now? That what, you’re the fucking piper?” Conner scoffs as he looks Danshel up and down with a disenchanted grimace across his lips. “You look like a little girl, and a virgin at that! Are you a virgin? Can I take a look? Maybe stick a finger or two in and wet you up for my meat sausage!” he says as he grips his crotch and squeezes it while blowing her playful kisses.

“I-I, I would watch your tongue, h-he hears everything,” she stammers through trembling lips.

“ARE YOU FUCKING THREATENING ME NOW GIRL?” he snarls as he tightens his hands into to fists.

“T-T-That’s not w-what I’m saying, a-and you know it. I-I’m trying to a-save you.” she mumbles while her eyes quickly search the tree line. “I-It will be his song you will hear first, b-but not from his t-throat, f-from yours, t-t-then it will be his colourful dress y-you will see m-moments before he takes you to be h-his.”

“AIN’T NO ONE TO FEAR OUT HERE EXCEPT ME!” he snarls with upturned lips.

“C-C-Conner, m-maybe the girls not joking, m-maybe t-this is all a trap.” Butler stutters as he looks around.

“Of course it’s a FUCKING trap! Why else would she be chained up in the middle of nowhere ya knob!….”.

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