Tears For The Sister – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“A piece does not freely fit into the same category of completion if it is only a piece, for the whole to be recognised, it must be a completed masterpiece, not just a piece. Do you understand? Does it make sense now?” Heath says through teeth bitter and spent, as his relaxed gaze hardens back to blistering form once more.

“Of course I understand the differences between what is part of and what is complete, so you can stop with the downwards talking, because I have no care or time to give for futile things, what I care about is that which has been asked so we can achieve the ending desired, not how we get Fucking there, for that seems overly confusing and trivial at best.”

“There is nothing overly confusing or trivial with the method shown before you, there is only confusion with the facts, and those seem lost on you more than the subject at hand,” he says as he quickly holds up a hand as Luka’s eyes fire and his mouth jitters open. “Stay yourself and listen, for if you had understood the facts, then we would not be here contemplating the fate of more than just us now, would be?”….

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