Rushing Downwards And Sideways – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….The rushing waters twist and turn down over the porcelain landscape towards the plug hole with ferocious intent, while it’s arms wide and unrelenting capture everything it touches as it drags them downward with it. For second upon second it flows until finally with the giving of a god sedated by worship it comes to a slowly and steady stop, leaving only that of a small river delicately hanging around the drain’s edges. Within the waters grasp a beetle looks up at the brightness of the great big white world above it, while it gently float circular in motion, ever towards the birthing canals that lead down the gaping hole and into the underworld beneath. Like a untaught child it’s legs kick wildly and weakly, while it gasps desperately for breath after breath, but the energy it wishes was at its fingertips, were foolishly wasted mating with any biped it has come across in the last few hours of its small illogical life. The world suddenly tips sideways, and it tumbles down, slapping against a cold metal contraption that hangs in the air, forsaken. It takes another desperate grasp of air as it spies a naked gigantic being sitting on the edge of forever some worlds away…..

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