Glitter Guard Grind Me Some – Unhinged Poem 2020TOO

I took the devil for a fool,

sunsets drives through the school,

wasted on the young,

bullshit given to me and a gun,

we fight,

we flight,

simple mathematics,

lost in the theatrics,

play me a game,

I ask you the same,

roses and poses,

fools for the losers,

sadness in their eyes,

drowning in their cries,

I stopped,

you stuttered,

I wished,

you recovered,

brandishing the figments of my imagination,

you came in late to be part of my inventions,

forget the last thing I mentioned,

it was a rudimentary deception,

I asked,

you obeyed,

I flipped,

you stood in dismay,

forged in the fires,

along with the liars…

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