The Feeling Of The Two – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“Anthony said it was a sideways glance, nothing more and nothing less, can’t you just take his word for it and move on Heather!” Stewart spits through clenched bloody teeth.

Her nose screws up into a teddy bear like state, while her lips peel back to reveal row upon row of black rotten teeth festering in her pale dead gums. “When I was a wee little lass, a ship sailed nightly between the two rocks that we all called the devil’s crack. Each night without fail did the ship ride towards the darkest point in the sky, it’s gallows full of gold, booze, food, women and men, and every morning without fail it would sail out again, void of life except for Captain Pike, mee own Papa was he. He traded his soul and dignity to the whore down below, for years on his ticket, and a libido to sow it with. She asked him one favour, a little at first, some seed, then some corn, some wheat, and a sheep or two, for near on a decade he feed her, her full until she started asking for a newborn baby or two. Her price started to rise, and his deeds grew dark and meddlesome, until his soul was nothing more than a speak or three. So when I ask my question, it is not through frustration but expectation of the whore coming to find the child who told her no more!”….

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